L’Ècole de Francais

I’ve been waiting to come to this trip for two months, and now I can’t believe I actually made it all the way to the supposly the most vibrant city of Canada.

The journey started smooth. Thanks to my dear friend Holly who came all the way back from the student residence to pick me up from the airport, I got to avoid the trouble of finding myself lost in the jungle of buses and subways. My first impression of the city is that the landscape is just so flat! There are barely any mountains, just small hills here and there, which is so different from Vancouver. I think the city will look more beautiful without being so foggy all the time. It’s been quite humid and warm since I arrived, but people keep telling me this kinda temperature is too low compare to the regular Montreal summer. This reminds me of the summer of Fuzhou, my hometown.

I am stay in the Studio Hotel of Universitè de Montreal. It’s located in the university campus near Mounte Royal. The building we are staying are two twin towers that’s connected by the lobby. The buildings are having summer renovation at this moment so it’s quite dirty in the lobby. My room is big enough to meet almost all my daily necessities except shower and toilet. I am happy that we have fridge in our room. For a foodie like me, the fridge is quickly filled with fresh seasonal berries, prune, lectures, corns, mushrooms, eggs, some meat and milk. My newly made friends are very impressed by my food need and the fact that I actually bring a wok with me to Montreal. (Big thanks to my mom! ) I cooked my first meal on a very small hot plate, it took me 2 minutes to hit up my small wok….. The rest is story.

According to the orientation, there’s some 400+ of students in this program. A lot of them are just high-school graduates, which make me feel really old. I am happy that I still get a chance to learn so much by paying so little money. It’s the first time I’ve ever lived by my-self entirely on my own for a relatively long period. And so far, I think I really enjoy it.

Let’s see what’s going to happen in this month long staying here, bon chance pour moi-même!


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  1. Did you take the wok as a carry-on luggage? That would have been awesome!

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